We have only one level of translation service - the BEST!

OOO "Contrast"
is a new and dynamic translation bureau and language services provider.

We specialize in interpretations but also carry out written translations on a wide variety of subjects in most languages of the world.

Our database includes about 350 interpreters/translators who live in Moscow, throughout Russia, and some in other countries. Our interpreters/translators all hold degrees from the best language universities of Russia. With our highly professional staff and editors, you can be certain that your written or spoken words will be conveyed accurately and completely -- a must in the business world today.
I know from personal experience as a professional interpreter/translator the importance of conveying nuances as well as words.

What do we bring to the table?

 - Complete and accurate translation
 - The highest level of professionalism
 - Operational efficiency in order execution
 - Convenient 24-hour service options

Interpretation is carried out only by professional interpreters with no less than 5 years of practical experience in the field. Options include:

 - Consecutive interpreters for seminars, business negotiations, or exhibitions;
 - Simultaneous interpreters for conferences, presentations, and symposiums;
 - Tourist Guides for Moscow and St. Petersburg;
 -  Interpreters for travel abroad.

If you are planning to conduct negotiations, put on a conference, hold a symposium, or field a round table, we will handle your translation needs completely - and that means all aspects, from provision of personnel to provision and monitoring of equipment.

Our clients receive individual attention at competitive prices with impeccable accuracy -- and strict confidentiality.

Ask about our very cost-effective rates for long term contracts exceeding six (6) months duration.

At Contrast we provide service with a smile. We truly hope to enhance your Russian experience. You'll enjoy working with us.

Svetlana Aksyonova,
General Director of OOO "Contrast".

We are for those who want to get high interpretation/translation quality.